World Youth Day 2023 patron saint Chiara Bandano pray for our youth and for our World Youth Day. For many conversions. Amen!

The First Saturday of the Month : Mass, Adoration, Cenaculo Prayers for the addicted & Benediction. 7-8am. The First Saturday devotion was given to us by Our Lady at Fatima. She asked for ten minutes of meditation on the Scriptures, for Confession when we are able to go, reparation for the offences against her Immaculate Heart. What are these offences ? They are offences against her Son Jesus, in whose sufferings she shares. They are, also, the insults against Mary – for these are really against her Son. For if we “swear against the mother” (as we say in the township) we strike against the son. If we illigitimize him through his mother’s sin), we devalue him. Should we de-mother him altogether, he ceases to exist – at best he is a myth.