His coupling with a partner lent closure.

A couple of weeks ago, during the icy weather, we lost our parish owl. I laid him beside dear Curdie, our parish dog who died a couple of years ago. They met at times in the church – when they managed to slip in on an early morning or in the early evening. Here is a poem relating to them both and to Curdie’s death, and another regarding the recent loss.

The Excommunicated

Was it a proclitic of grace on nature

the choice of the sanctuary arch?

As secluded perch the cross-slung rafter? 

Hardly, had we completed our box: to size,

suitably sheltered, of tree-high stature.

Well, if not for now, then, hopefully later,             

a fitting abode to their barn-owl eyes.

Drift in, he might, on an ev’ning-lit light;

to eye me from a ledge, or the marble ambo.

Mouthing a screech, he prefers the quiet.

Swishing off suddenly on into the night.

In the toss and turn of fitful sleeping,

the timbres distant sibilant screams

beggar the borders of my broken-up dreams.

Vigilant wardens of the cryptic creeping.

Strange how he had somewhat subsumed deluded,

dear fit-besotted departed Curdie,

who had bled out my heart one morning early.

I grieved that he too had been excluded.

Prayer particular, the skipping robin,

slipping two sills, flits onto the window,

emits a mute tweet, a discrete deposito.

His youthful spirited flutings forgotten.

A decree expunged from dour window-dressed Heaven

has expelled us all; an un-souled brood,

we scuff, bidden to an embodied rood,

to mock at the gasp of an old new begotten.

Death in Winter of a Barn-Owl  

The black blown beaten billowing night

Is noisily vacant, in the absence of your flight,

Swashbuckler brigand of the cracking cross-bone belfry height.

The battened down squaby shadows’ embossment of light.

Approached, you arose from off the sunned courtyard stone,

Continued your reproach from within th’ memorial enclosure.

Today again, accompanied with but a finch pair, close-cloned

curiously feigning your dis-attention and doze.

Th’ evening between, true to your one-off keening style,

You’d swooped down in along the rafter-fretted aisle.

Discovered, day after, on an outer washroom floor tile,

Your delicate fiery fierce body lay unprecedentedly mild.

The moon-wide quintessential framed piercing stark eyes

And brogue-beaked maw whimsically closed; muzzy pips bright

gold on your multi-feathered darkened brown chiton.

Die did you of a poison or of the traitorous slashing ice?

Doubtlessly, beside blessed Curdie, I have laid you –  

Your brute spirit flushed now – unto God who made you. 

Darkness fallen, to th’ redound of fright, there flies up at my right  

A flailing luminescence, which, veering, with sleight  

Of wing, commandeering the billows, careens out of sight.

Chaffed by the piped call of a buccaneer wraith?

Steeple pitched brinesomely lass, steering ye the good flight!

Beauteous black-blushed ululative undulate gloriole light!           


June 2022 (the loss of another friend and companion)

The Day We Closed the World Down

The day they closed down the bottle-necked air-

ways, and blocked the boats from coming to port,

upon the wide expanse of a tarmac, there walked

on waddling webbed feet, a goose and her gander, 

with a scuttling toe-toting tiny toddler fleet.

They say the fish swam up the Tiber,

blossoms broke out upon the trees,

the dolphins dove clean over Venice,

on th’ disclosed day of the disease.

And what of the frippery virus, whether

beasty-flipped or lab-lipped lifted?

Conjured up like a fearsome Samuel?

Some say, they tossed up others’ genes together

to make it more complete.

But the fish swam up the Tiber,

flitting songbirds lit up the streets,

the dolphins dove clean over Venice,

bell-dumbed edifices donned retreat.

An aerosol cough of the dock-clocking nether,

corporally berthed in a Petri dish.

Fret not, a jab of concocted whatever

will crown your chipped wish, my Pet,

will crown your tattooed wrist.

Now Papa’s gone a-hunting th’ punted global climate.

Mama proof-presses her prying digital sheet.  

Beauty’s Beast, de-closeted ’s gone a-viral.

God-mama’s done patented her sterilizing spick.

God-papa’s wit spins outspun specialistic.

Au fait. O, fait accompli.

Yet, the fish swam up the Tiber,

globe-trot li’l pupils google Bo-peep,    

the dolphins dove clean over Venice,

I-See-You engines keep the beep, the beep. 

So be you not tearful, Burgee-Bobbed Bunting Baby, dear,

Big Mama, Papa, we’re always here.

We dream up your dreams, unbidden ones too.

Why to tell you to do what you want us to.

Post a proper Prince Charming to coddle you.

Beam down the 5G t’ choke-collar you.

Bromidic-budgeted day’s bludgeoned skies

blaze into a cluck-click stuttering screen. (Loose

jackboots slither-strap across lascivious thighs.)

While still the fish swim up down the tide-turned Tiber.

Wheeling seagulls pipe the car-scuttled streets.

Brachiate brown blistering celluloid bats codify

the cinematic spectral-bowed patinal evening

into dry-eyed weeping silicone valley sheen. 

Dumbed down dragon-dredged hibernated day has 

dropped aitches on the chittering fledgling Finches, 

brokered the ocean’s backwash under burgeoning blackness,

dumps the dusky dolphins into the deep. The unsinkable

flood-curmudgeoned Barque ah! Petrifiedly beached.

But the broached blood-boarded brackish barge

of busted ruck Peter’s stacked bronchial deck

bestows a flush royal cut Heart un-breached.

Dark skies are deep and blue all over

and the future is for keeps. 

The future is for keeps.

Go to the above website to hear what the experts are saying on the vaccine.


According to a growing number of non-political medical experts, like Dr. Harvey A. Risch, Professor of Epidemiology at Yale University, the FDA’s opposition to Hydroxychloroquine as an early treatment for high risk individuals with the coronavirus could be directly responsible for the deaths of many thousands of Americans. Dr. Risch’s assertion is backed up by international studies, which he has reviewed openly in prestigious medical journals, and which prove his point beyond a doubt. 

Dr. Risch’s conclusion about HCQ is also backed up by the growing experience of doctors who are successfully treating their COVID patients with HCQ.  These are not quack doctors like the mainstream media would have you believe, but compassionate and courageous licensed medical doctors, willing to go against the political prejudice of the mainstream for the good of their patients.

When properly prescribed (in the right dose and to the right individuals), the science proves that HCQ can lead to a drastic reduction in mortality, so why would the FDA want to stop a cheap, safe and effective treatment for the coronavirus?

It is not conspiratorial to suspect that companies that stand to make tens of billions of dollars in profits from the sale of vaccines would want to bury a cheap, safe, and widely available treatment for the virus.

According to OpenSecrets.org, pharmaceutical companies spent over a billion dollars in lobbying activities since President Trump’s election.  More importantly, 63% of lobbyists employed by the pharmaceutical companies previously worked in the government.  This does not automatically mean that they would use their significant influence to undermine competitors, but it certainly highlights the need for the people to be vigilant when it comes to government decisions which could impact the pharmaceutical industry.

In the end, it does not matter if the motivation behind the FDA’s opposition to Hydroxychloroquine is based on politics, the influence of pharmaceuticals or just bad science. What matters is that Americans and people around the world are dying unnecessarily and we are still in time to correct this terrible decision.

Go to this London real Freedom Platform video to hear the facts of Covid-19 in relation to the out of proportion over-reactive response of government: blob:https://londonreal.tv/9a883404-62e5-4e77-98ae-9d386affb13e

Go to the following link to find out are the numbers correct or are we being deceived: https://londonreal.tv/brian-roses-real-deal/

https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/four-cardinals-join-global-appeal-decrying-crackdown-on-basic-freedoms-over-coronavirus?utm_source=OneSignalThe Long View of this Pandemic 

Among others, from a worldly point of view we can see the economic as well as the deadly consequences. For example we see the possibility of China using the economic conditions as opportunity to gain control over the economies of the world coming in the guise as saviour. And then together with the socialistic atheistic global elite extending her persecution of believers. We also have the Barak Haram killings of over a hundred this week in Africa and the whole refugee situation in so many places which could become worse in this time of vulnerability. 

What of the spiritual opportunities? We have the opportunity of love and unity that is not global conformity but respects nationality and cultures. We have the obligation of bringing Christ and our Catholic faith to others in their scrambling search for peace. A visionary of Britany who died in 1941 revealed that the closure of Mass – as we are now experiencing – would be the result of clergy scandals and failure. We are called to cry out to Heaven for a renewal of the Church from the top down and bottom up.  

We are in times in which we must be preparing for the second coming of Christ. Practically we must each renew and live out our CONSECRATION TO OUR LADY as we stand like John at the foot of the cross with her. She will keep our eyes focused on Christ our Redeemer and on the salvation and new life He offers us in His Kingdom. Let us continue and increase our routines of prayer – while at home – using the Mass readings of each day to meditate on and the conclude in a spiritual Communion. Let us pray the Rosary in intercession, let us make the Stations of the Cross as family together giving each persons a station to reflect on and share with the rest. Let us use holy water to bless and protect ourselves, calling upon our Guardian Angels and St Michael and St Raphael to protect and heal us. Let us ask St Gabriel to keep us in the truth and not doubting. Let us pray for our governments and that nations will retain their independence while supporting each other. 

Let us pray for the deceased and for those who are ill with this disease and with all ailments. 

Let us use the extra time we have to get to know one another in our homes again. To share about things. To grow in the knowledge of our faith. Perhaps read the Catechism of the Catholic Church, or use some other Catholic teaching program on the internet. Above all let us remain faithful to the Baptism we have received in Jesus Christ and to our Sacraments of Marriage. (With interest I note a number of people have made sure they have blessed candles in their homes. Many saints have had visions of three days of darkness that will come upon the world in the end times. Outside our home demons will prowl and swarm. Inside our homes only blessed candles will give light.) 

I keep all of you in my heart and prayers as I continue my normal-abnormal routine of meditation, prayers and the celebration of the Eucharist. May we be united in love and the peace of Jesus Christ, the joy of the Holy Spirit. Amen. 

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