of Infants
(children not yet attending school)
any one of the Sundays a month at 11.30 am
(the baptismal group of parents chooses which Sunday)
after 3 classes (over 2 Saturdays at 3.00 pm)

of Older Children
Faith Sharing Classes (Catechism)
on Saturdays (school terms) from 8.00 am – 8.45 am
in which they will be prepared
(parents will also be involved)

of Adults
classes of
the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)
(a 2-year course which is fitted into one year)
from Wednesday after Pentecost Sunday till Easter Sunday Vigil Mass of the following year at 6.00 pm

First Holy Communion
First Confession
& Confirmation
of Children
prepared in Saturday Faith-Sharing Classes
8.00am – 8.45 am (school terms)
from Grade 1 till Grade 10

of adults
(see details of RCIA class under Baptism of Adults above)

by arrangement
after a series of preparation classes
[6 month’s notice must be given]
(the Engaged Encounter Weekend ( programme replaces most of the classes & is highly recommended. Please note that copies of the Baptism & Confirmation Certificates & Identity Documents are needed & that Catholics have to have been Confirmed)

Anointing of the sick
for seriously ill persons, those to undergo operations &
the elderly (at home, church or in hospital)
on request